30 Mar 2012

Shelby Keefe’s Farewell Celebration

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The Pfister bids Shelby Keefe adieu and celebrates achievements of Keefe, Ferris and Williams The Pfister held a farewell reception Tuesday, March 27th in honor of our 2011 Artist in Residence, Shelby Keefe. The event had both Pfister elegance and Shelby flare. Shelby’s additions included: an interactive art piece allowing guests to paint on a […]

20 Mar 2012

Shelby Keefe’s Final Farewell

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Unfortunately for us, our Artist in Residence, Shelby Keefe, has reached the end of her fellowship with the Pfister Hotel. We have been honored to have her diligently working in the gallery all year and want to celebrate her achievements and recognize the impact she has made on all of us here at the Pfister. […]

31 Oct 2011

Our Quaint Spirits

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A 1yr-old tiger cub is racing around the lobby.  He bounds and leaps down the main hallway, creeps by the lobby tables and pounces on the stair steps.  With his muted “Rawwwwrrr,” he terrorizes the guests – terrorizes them with his cuteness. It’s Halloween and this adorable nipper is certainly getting in the spirit of […]

29 Oct 2011

The Fuel of Magnificence

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“When I first decided to be a professional artist, I wanted that fishbowl experience, so I got a storefront studio,” Reggie says. “It’s not intimidating to discover an artist in public space,” adds Caitlin. A group of us are seated in the Lobby Lounge, discussing the two residency programs the Pfister has developed for art […]

27 Oct 2011

Stories to tell by the Pfister Narrator

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It’s that time again. The transition that has been coined the Passing of the Pen. As our current Pfister Narrator prepares to step down from her title, she has some words of wisdom and some insight for our next Pfister Narrator. Stories to tell by the Pfister Narrator from PfisterHotel on Vimeo.

26 Oct 2011

The Pfister Hotel Selects Ed Makowski as Next In-House Storyteller

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The historic Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee has named Ed Makowski as its third ‘Pfister Narrator.’ In the role, he will spend time in the hotel’s lobby, interviewing visitors and guests and sharing their stories on the Pfister’s blog (blog.thepfisterhotel.com). As narrator, he will be posting blog entries at least twice-per-week over a six-month period. […]