2 Feb 2015

What I’m Whytching in the Pfister

What I’m Whytching in the Pfister

Concierge Peter suggests we all need to practice “whytching,” watching our surroundings while wondering why, or how is it like that? To behave like the elated toddler who discovers everything is dimensional: it can be crawled over, pulled, pushed bitten and unraveled to reveal what is at the end, and why it was rolled up […]

20 Sep 2014

This Is His Fifth Wedding In Three Years

I’m drinking tropical hibiscus in the lounge when a woman enters the vicinity clopping her tongue like a horse along to the ambient music. I record this occurrence in my notebook, take a swig of tea, and stand to meet the clip clop woman so as to tell her how much I appreciate triumphal people […]

18 Dec 2013

‘Twas the night before Pfist-mas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, health and all through the Pfister a few creatures were stirring, some misses, some misters.     The stockings were hung without a single demand and stuffed with the sounds from the piano man’s hands.     A few guests were asleep in pillow-topped beds with visions of lions roaming […]