21 Mar 2015

Coke A Cola and the Meanderthal

Coke A Cola and the Meanderthal

When I first discovered Coke’s name to be Coke, I admit, I was taken aback with the fact that it is the unusual title for this amiable human I often see in the lobby. But Coke is used to the awe of people discovering his name, and ups the intrigue by telling you, “Actually, I’m […]

25 Oct 2014

The Newest American Citizen of All

The Newest American Citizen of All

Ilda became an American Citizen today in the courthouse across the street from the Pfister. She had to pledge her allegiance to the flag, and swear an oath and then was given an envelope that contained her official paperwork along with a letter signed by the President. It is 6:30 p.m. and she has been […]

28 Sep 2014

A Poem By LeVar Burton

Recently, Sharp Literacy, an organization devoted to the educational flourishment of urban children held a fundraiser at the Pfister. Actor LeVar Burton, who hosted all 26 years of Reading Rainbow on PBS spoke.   “My mom’s about four foot ten and a half, weighs about a buck and a quarter. I’m fifty-seven years old and […]

26 Sep 2011

Faith, Family and Friends

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This Sunday, thousands of women who were breast cancer survivors and fighters, along with their friends, families and supporters, gathered in the rain at the lakefront for the annual Susan G. Komen race for the cure.  Somewhere in that crowd were some folks likely staying the night in one of the InterContinental Hotel’s Pink Rooms. […]