6 Jul 2012


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Co-Conspirator I’m on a stakeout.  Granted, I’m not disguised as a delivery person or hiding behind a newspaper. There are no binoculars or dark shades involved. No two-way radio tucked into my sleeve.  Although the excitement tickling my gut might suggest that I’m crouched behind a dumpster aiming a telephoto lens, I’m actually perched on […]

22 Jun 2012

Enjoy The Fireworks In Blu

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Once again, festival season in Milwaukee is upon us. It’s our favorite time of year! There’s nothing better than good food, good music, and to top it off, a great fire works display. Are you ready to OOOH and AHHH? Why weed the crowds, hunt for a good parking spot, or fight the heat and […]

23 Jun 2011

Fireworks in Blu

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Enjoy the view in Blu during the city’s fireworks display on July 3rd. Our personal favorite, Jenny Thiel will be providing live entertainment during the night. Blu will be offering 3 packaged deals for the Fourth of July to ensure you have front row seats for the show. Package 1 – $300 for Bottle of […]