27 Apr 2015

You see the woman in the nude shag dress?

You see the woman in the nude shag dress?

When the professional ballroom dancers come en masse to the Pfister, expect to find several crystals strewn across the bathroom floor, shed from their glistening, parrot colored ensembles that induce the ordinary citizens in the café around them to exclaim, “Ah my god, I can’t believe it!” I go up to the source, the infestation […]

28 Apr 2012

Dancers Sparkle Across the 7th Floor

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    This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the Wisconsin Dancesport Championships. The company has a long history with the hotel as they’ve held the annual event at the Pfister all these years. This high-heeled party brings dancers from across the country to compete at their specialized steps. It is interesting to see the […]