3 Apr 2012

Milwaukee: The Best Deal In Chicago

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Ah, big brother Chicago. Just two hundred years ago we were part of the same Illinois territory. People come to Milwaukee for many reasons. Business. Dinner. Conventions. Celebrations. Sporting events. Art openings. Museums. Visitors ask certain key questions which lead me to conclude they’re not from Milwaukee. This line of conversation usually takes place after […]

18 Jun 2011

The Pfister Recommends: Lakefront Brewery

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In 1987, the Klisch brothers rolled out their first barrel of beer and in the process Lakefront Brewery was born. Lakefront currently brews a specialty amber for¬†Mason Street Grill and who better to lead us on a tour of the ¬†Milwaukee beer making institution than the Pfister’s Chef Concierge Peter Mortensen! What’s your favorite Lakefront […]