5 Feb 2015

Peasant With Potomac Fever Ning-Nongs

Peasant With Potomac Fever Ning-Nongs

I’m fifty-seven and one day old today. I walk dogs. Pitbulls. Never mind all the bad PR that they’ve gotten they only get nasty if you abuse them or if you train them to be killers, prostate to fight in the ring against other dogs my friend and I are working to eradicate it from […]

25 Jul 2014

Gazelle? Cheetah? Centipede?

Gazelle?  Cheetah?  Centipede?

While I rarely drink, today I’m yearning for a large glass of wine to glug.  Reason? It took fifty-eight minutes of vigorous scrubbing, scratching and horrifyingly dry squeaking to clean my teeth at the dentist.  My gums and psyche are sore.  After perusing the wine list I pick the New Zealand Kim Crawford white for […]

29 Jun 2014

The Godfathers

The first time I ever went into the Pfister was when my godfathers (I have two) spontaneously invited me for a hamburger in the café. I didn’t know regular people from the local population could do that sort of thing, and I was nervous to be dining at an establishment I assumed (wrongly!) was designed […]