16 Mar 2012

The Pfister’s British Invasion

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Do you remember 1964, what happened after blues and rock and roll exported across the Atlantic Ocean and came back from a stop in England? The Kinks, The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, Donovan, The Rolling Stones, and of course The Beatles. When those four lads arrived in the States there was pandemonium along every […]

9 Mar 2012

What’s in a birthday?

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One day I was sitting in the lobby lounge waiting for something to happen. It can be a strange feeling to think qualitatively about conversation, hoping for a moment of random brilliance to spring from a happenstance stranger. This random Tuesday evening my mind started drifting for all the typical reason’s one’s mind wanders from […]

2 Mar 2012

The Midwesterner

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A friend once told me that when she moved to Portland, Oregon she had a difficult time finding a job. Portland has become a bit of a mecca for young liberal folks looking to live the relaxed western life. However the city is a famously difficult place to find employment. She encountered this problem, but […]

24 Feb 2012

24 Hours: Family at the Pfister

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Ok, here’s the plan. (Trumpets, please.) 24 hours. The whole family. Take on as much of the Pfister as we possibly can. Take pictures and let you share in the fun.   Ready… Set…   Wait…not just yet!   OK…   GO!                           […]

23 Feb 2012

Shelby Keefe reflects on her time as the Pfister Hotel’s resident artist

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Shelby Keefe has been the Pfister’s resident artist since April 2011. As all great things eventually come to an end, her studio torch will be passed to Timothy Westbrook in April 2012. Shelby and I had been trying to get together and talk for a few weeks and it turned out to be a good […]

11 Feb 2012

Reflections of Remarkable Milwaukee

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Last Monday January 28th an event was held at the historic Pabst Theater,which is just a stroll down the avenue from the Pfister and Intercontinental. The evening was titled Remarkable Milwaukee and gathered many of Milwaukee’s innovative business leaders, successful creative types, and championing envisionistas. The group relaxed on stage while seated on Victorian couches to discuss their […]