25 May 2011

Safe and Sound

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I can’t see Beth and she can’t see me.  Even if we weren’t talking on the phone, she still wouldn’t be able to see me.  Blind since 1985 when she was only 26 years old, Beth Finke is a mother, NPR commentator, and author of two books (Hanni & Beth: Safe & Sound and Long […]

21 May 2011

Rick Week

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A blond, a brunette, and a redhead sit at the bar.  But this isn’t a joke.  They’re lifelong Rick Springfield fans, in town for his shows at the Northern Lights Theater. “It’s not just a show,” says Jeanne, the most outgoing of the trio, “It’s also the time when we get to see all our […]

18 May 2011

Business Casual

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Two men casually sit in the lobby lounge, amidst a loud, chattering crowd of entrepreneurial salesmen and women converging for an annual gala.  They sit in facing chairs with an immense, dark walnut coffee table between them, each mirroring the other’s physicality and body position.  Perhaps it’s their khaki pants and button-up shirts with collars undone […]

12 May 2011

May I Suggest…

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The art of the recommendation. It’s a skill born of the preternatural ability to read people and an intimate knowledge of available options. It’s why you go to your local bookstore or record store: the clerks who enthusiastically love what they stock and sell are guaranteed to connect you to what you want – even […]

8 May 2011

All the Colors of the Rainbow

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The weather in Milwaukee was (briefly) exquisite this week.  Temperatures soared into the low 60’s, the breezes indicated Spring was finally here with their combination of warmth and lakeside coolness, and the sun was brightly shining.  Perfection.  The daffodils and tulips are in full bloom on, what feels like, every city block.  In front of […]

5 May 2011

(re)Writing History

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~ “No single man makes history. History cannot be seen, just as one cannot see grass growing.” ~ When I told a writer friend of mine about this unique position, she launched into an interesting bit of historical trivia she had learned while living in Russia.  In the old hotels there, during the Soviet era, […]