12 Nov 2014

Eavesdropping in the Pfister

I am sitting in Blu by myself so that no one will distract me as I eavesdrop in on the conversations. Some old ladies are giggling about martinis. An old man is taking all the plush chairs away from my table to build a nest for all his companions. One of them asks, decease “How […]

2 Dec 2013

A happy ending for two long-lost sisters

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A happy ending for two long-lost sisters

This is a Guest Post by the 5th Pfister Narrator – Jenna Kashou You might remember back in February, I wrote about two long-lost sisters, Simone from England and Ciera from Milwaukee. Before a visit last year at the Pfister Hotel, they never knew of each other and had both lost contact with their father. Last […]

29 Apr 2013

And So It Goes…

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…said Kurt Vonnegut. A simplistic way to convey closure, to throw your hands up in the air and surrender, to explain the inexplicable.  And so I go, back to my life pre-Pfister, after six months of exploring, discovering, conversing, photographing, writing, and blogging. There is no simple way to explain what it’s like being a […]

28 Apr 2013

Dancing With the Stars

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It’s the one sport that caters to people ages 3-93. And, it has the elegance, grace and pizzazz of a Hollywood movie premier. The Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships was back at the Pfister Hotel for its 26th year of professional/amateur ballroom dance competition last weekend. Dan and Rebecca Messenger, from Nashotah, Wisconsin, organized the event and attracted thousands of dancers from […]

27 Apr 2013

Creativity is Everybody’s Business

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Maggie Kuhn Jacobus is not your typical executive. Nor is she your typical mom. After a successful carrer as an entreprenuer, writer, producer, marketer, and public relations exec, she took a six-year sabbatical to raise her kids in the lush and far-flung tropics of Costa Rica because she wanted to give them a creative and enriching childhood. […]

25 Apr 2013

Artists Among Us

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The Pfister is well known for its Victorian Art collection and for supporting the arts in Milwaukee, but did you know how many amazing artists they have on staff? One of the best parts about working here has been meeting and hearing the stories about the incredibly and diversely talented staff. You never know who […]