4 May 2012

Marcus Team Wins Awards at the WRA/NACE Tabletop Design Competition

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In March, a team of collective Marcus foodservice and hospitality employees submitted an amazing tabletop design in this year’s WRA/NACE competition. We are proud to announce they have won two awards for their submission “Detection.” The first award was for “Most Innovative” and the second was for “Best Use Of Theme.” Drawing inspiration from Sherlock Holmes, […]

1 May 2012

The Experience Only a Concierge Can Craft

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  It is the people who are the best at what they do who are the most difficult to write about. How do you document the seam which is so well constructed that it appears seamless? I’ve been trying to figure out a way to explain the concierge position for quite some time. Pfister Chief […]

28 Apr 2012

Dancers Sparkle Across the 7th Floor

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    This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the Wisconsin Dancesport Championships. The company has a long history with the hotel as they’ve held the annual event at the Pfister all these years. This high-heeled party brings dancers from across the country to compete at their specialized steps. It is interesting to see the […]

23 Apr 2012

The Great Conversation

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  I was sitting in Timothy Westbrook’s studio this afternoon. It is a few days after his first successful gallery showing and already the man is back at work. While Timothy constructed new fabric joining cassette tape and wool I listened to the repeating slick/slack/creak/crack sound of his loom in motion. With the new dress […]

21 Apr 2012

The Secret

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  A young girl tells her grandfather she’s learning to write.   She explains the yellow pencils and blue lined paper   She tells him she’s learned how to write her name.   “Well that’s magnificent!” he exclaims, “I’d love to read your handwriting. Will you write something for me?”     She shakes her […]

19 Apr 2012

Patronage and the Everyman

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  The Medici Family were bankers from Tuscany, Italy. Their initial family monies were made in the textile industry and they were influential in developing the double entry bookkeeping system. During the renaissance they owned Europe’s largest bank. I’m sure their advances in bookkeeping are fascinating but that is not generally why the Medici name has […]