31 Oct 2011

Our Quaint Spirits

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A 1yr-old tiger cub is racing around the lobby.  He bounds and leaps down the main hallway, creeps by the lobby tables and pounces on the stair steps.  With his muted “Rawwwwrrr,” he terrorizes the guests – terrorizes them with his cuteness. It’s Halloween and this adorable nipper is certainly getting in the spirit of […]

29 Oct 2011

The Fuel of Magnificence

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“When I first decided to be a professional artist, I wanted that fishbowl experience, so I got a storefront studio,” Reggie says. “It’s not intimidating to discover an artist in public space,” adds Caitlin. A group of us are seated in the Lobby Lounge, discussing the two residency programs the Pfister has developed for art […]

25 Oct 2011

Words in Blu

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An artist, a summer camp director, a theatre operations manager, a board member, and two poets walk into a bar.  There is no punchline, this is something that happened a few weeks ago. “Hello sir,” the bartender greets them as they arrive, setting a napkin on the bar, “what can I get you to drink?  […]

20 Oct 2011

Letter to a New Narrator

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As the proverbial pen is about to passed to the next Pfister Narrator, recently chosen through hours and hours of deliberation by a committee of writers, editors, marketers and businessfolk, and soon to be announced, I wanted to pass the pen not only to my successor, but also extend it to those who didn’t get […]

15 Oct 2011

Not Everyone has a Story

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And sometimes not having a story is the story. Let me give you an example. Today was a day so busy – everyone moving to or from something, and even the gathered groups in waiting are in stasis, with any outsider’s approach treated as an interruption – that the person most eager to chat is […]

12 Oct 2011

A Knock at the Door

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Knocking once, Blake calmly sings out, “Rooooom ser-vice.” Silence.  Through the door, we can hear the sound of a television.  Blake raises his hand slightly, the one that isn’t balancing a tray, considers knocking again when a voice comes from within, “Just a minute.” The door opens.  “Evening Ms. ——, how are you?” One hand […]