7 Apr 2012

A Wild Conversation On Wisconsin Avenue

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  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I was able to see Wild Institute founder Chris Heeter speak during UW-Milwaukee’s Women Leaders Conference. Chris’ speech struck a chord with me on many levels and I knew I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to document a few of her philosophies for the blog. Assuming […]

5 Apr 2012

Listening to Dr. Jeffrey Hollander- Part 1

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  This is the one I’ve avoided writing. The elephant in my room. The profile I’ve put off for five months while I watched and listened quietly in the background, leaning against a column with my arms crossed wondering how it happens and how to write about it. Every time I’ve listened to Dr. Jeffrey […]

4 Apr 2012

The Transplant ~or~ Pine Roses

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  I said I’d move here for two years- no more than two years. That was my limit.   My office suggested a promotion but said I had to relocate.   Initially, I was so sure I’d move right back that I considered sub-letting my apartment instead of ending the lease.   My friends all […]

3 Apr 2012

Milwaukee: The Best Deal In Chicago

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Ah, big brother Chicago. Just two hundred years ago we were part of the same Illinois territory. People come to Milwaukee for many reasons. Business. Dinner. Conventions. Celebrations. Sporting events. Art openings. Museums. Visitors ask certain key questions which lead me to conclude they’re not from Milwaukee. This line of conversation usually takes place after […]

1 Apr 2012

Experiencing UW-Milwaukee’s 2012 Women Leaders Conference

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To my dismay I realized that the UW-Milwaukee Women Leaders Conference scheduled to take place at the Pfister Friday, March 30th was sold out. I’d hoped there was a possibility to watch from the perimeter and take in a little of the conference. Thursday evening I was in the lobby lounge speaking with pianist Dr. […]

27 Mar 2012

Cup of Joe with Joe

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“French doors.” That was the first thing out of his mouth when I mentioned I’d been shopping for a house. “French doors can brighten up any space. If there is no doorway, build a doorway. Anything can be done. Of course, it’s easier if a house is exactly how you want it when you first […]