28 Nov 2012

Tea for Two, at Blu

Sipping tea while overlooking the city on a clear day is a good day to be at Blu. I spotted a pair of dapper hats sitting in front of an impressive spread of tiered silver trays with scones, cookies, sandwiches and cakes displayed like a trophy. Go figure – Gail, from Lake Mills, is a hat […]

25 Nov 2012

Santa Has Arrived

Santa Has Arrived

This just in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – there has been a Santa sighting at the historic Pfister Hotel. As far as we know, this has been the first sighting of the season. He and Mrs. Claus hitched a ride with some helpful firemen to do the honors of illuminating the colossal tree decorating the lobby. […]

20 Nov 2012

Steampunk Society Invades the Pfister

Steampunk Society Invades the Pfister

Just in case you had any preconceived notions about the Pfister clientele, allow me to challenge those. First, watch this slideshow: These are steampunkers. What is a steampunker? Good question – I was also unaware of this counterculture until the Steampunk Society Milwaukee held their first Maker’s Fair last Saturday at the Pfister, organized in part by the […]

17 Nov 2012

Ben and Cassie

Ben and Cassie know a thing or two about weddings. On their second date, they DJed a wedding. Combined, they have been to over 250 weddings. As you can imagine, they had a pretty good idea of what they wanted for their own wedding before Ben even popped the question. Cassie is the sister-in-law of […]

12 Nov 2012

A Cup of Joe, with Joe

A Cup of Joe, with Joe

If you’ve ever been in the lobby lounge during the day, you’ve surely seen Joe drinking coffee. Smartly dressed – dapper even. His black plastic comb is neatly tucked into his shirt pocket. He loves to dance and insists he convinced Mr. Marcus to keep a section of the original tile floor in the lobby […]

4 Nov 2012

And So It Begins…

First day on the job as the Pfister Narrator and I feel like I’ll get used to hanging around this place pretty quickly. Greeted by the bubbly Timothy Westbrook concocting another masterpiece in his studio, I walked in on what I thought would be a quiet Sunday because of the Packer game. I was mistaken. […]