Episode 3. What can happen over a hot cup of chai.

Posted by on Feb 19, 2020

Friends and strangers
Employees and guests 
Locals and visitors
Immigrants and citizens
Regulars and first timers
Mothers and fathers
Sisters and brothers
Musicians, players and their fans

Talk of coming to the Pfister for 40 years
Traveling the world and retirement
Weddings and anniversaries
Birthdays, adoptions and all celebrations
Podcasts and art-making
Shortbread cookies and Chef Travis
Happy Days and Lavern & Shirley

“A nice surprise when walking around the lobby. Great Chai. Great Conversation. Great Time.”
“So glad I “chai’d” some of this amazing chai.”
Memories of “Donna Summer in the elevator”
“The end of summer never tasted so good! Thank you!”
“Finally made it to tasty chai! So yummy!”
“Warm & inviting”
“Thank you for our inspiring time together & the wonderful chai”
“Thank you for making my morning special”
“There are no coincidences & for that I am most delighted our paths united at the Pfister.”
“Best chai ever”
“We ♡ the Pfister. Thank you for the chai.
“Such fun meeting new people”
“Thank you for bringing sunshine to my cloudy day.”

This is what can happen over a hot cup of chai:)