‘Chaiwala’  चायवाला

Posted by on Feb 10, 2020
Near my family’s home in Mumbai

“A chaiwala is a person who prepares, sells or serves tea on streets or small roadside shops in the Indian subcontinent. They are an integral part of Indian tea culture. Chai is the Hindustani word for “tea” as in masala chai and wallah indicates the person performing the task, so chaiwala is a street seller of tea.”

“Chaiwala!” Brandon calls in a warm “Hello!”  

He is the Director of Operations at the Pfister Hotel.  A job that I imagine stretches him too often in too many directions. But still, every day since the day I told him about the “chaiwala,” he has greeted me this way, “Chaiwala!”

This simple act of listening takes me back to India and makes me smile. It assures me of my belonging and calls on me to carry on.  Making chai on Tuesdays.

Join me tomorrow here @ the Pfister Hotel in the lobby 10-noon for homemade chai.