travel to india and experience the art of henna here at the pfister…

Posted by on Jun 4, 2019
Traditional henna applied at my family’s home in Mumbai. From my travel journal. India 2016

as a little girl,
my love for henna
awakened me
and all of my senses
in a way that has never left me

and even now the smell takes me back to india,
on the floor of my grandfather’s flat,

there is singing and spirited conversation—
the kind that only comes when women gather to prepare the bride for the wedding to come
and let go of one of their own

it is this feeling, i realize, that i look forward to most
when i go back to india

the feeling of being a part of something bigger
a family larger than i ever imagined and
ancient rituals and traditions passed on for generations

the art of henna starts with the henna plant
considered auspicious, 
the leaves of the plant are ground into a fine powder
mixed with water, made into a paste, and then applied with an artistry and beauty that still mesmerizes me

Mesmerized, I watch, as this artisan applies my henna. From my travel journal. India 2016

it is a gift
to practice and explore this art—
this ancient tradition that i have loved since i was a little girl
to better understand and appreciate its nuances, complexities and hidden secrets
to feel connected to the women who came before me
and the ones now
who continue to
honor it
perfect it
make it their own
pass it on

this is my east meets west,
it is my life’s journey
one that reminds me i am not alone and
that we are all connected
to the earth,
our past,
our ancestors
and each other

i invite you to join me on this journey
to be a part of something bigger
to allow me to apply henna as it is done back home
to fall in love as i did with this ancient art form
and to meet each other where we are

look for me in the pfister lobby
for your very own henna

The giving and receiving of henna. From my travel journal. India 2016