They Hold the “Grandma Hand”

Posted by on May 5, 2019

A quintet of friends came to the Pfister to enjoy a brief history tour before a night of gallery walks and wine tastings. Now part of a once a month Sheepshead group, the women have been a part of each other lives for decades. Their relationship began when their children attended St. Sebastian School. Drawn together through carpools, sports teams and parish events, the women remained close, even after their children grew older and moved on to different schools. Over time, they have clapped for each other’s families at graduations, wept joyful tears at weddings and held each other at funerals. As their lives move towards grandbabies and retirement these women remain together, a comforting constant in a world filled with change.

Their deep affection for each other was evident as we made our way through the hotel. The women’s happy chatter was peppered with inside jokes and peals of laughter- the shorthand of years of friendship.  As we strolled through the halls, the group shared memories of special times in the hotel: romantic nights away from the kids with their spouses, school events, weddings of the past, and weddings to come.  Their shared stories revealing how the history of the hotel is interwoven with the history of their lives.

At the close of the tour, the group scattered, but not before hugs were shared and heartfelt words exchanged. Life changes in beautiful and terrible ways, but there are some things that are reliably constant, like the love of tried and true friends.

Cheers to many more happy gatherings with those dear people who make the heart sing.

Rear Left: Julie, Maureen, Kerry, Joy and Laurel

Like all Sheepshead groups with more than five members, there are always a few Habeners, the term for those sitting out the game. Devoted group members unable to attend the outing, but were there in spirit are Beth, Cathi and Theresa.

*Grandma Hand is a Sheepshead term for a powerful hand of cards

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