Bliss Found at the WELL Spa

Posted by on May 8, 2019

As I wrap up my final days as the Pfister Narrator, I am taking the time to enjoy a few of the hotel amenities I did not make time for during my residency. Talking with a member of the hotel staff, she was shocked that I had yet to make a visit to the hotel’s award-winning WELL Spa + Salon. I knew the spa was a favorite of locals and visitors alike, yet I had never experienced the services myself. In truth, I thought the experience would be very much like my past visits to other salons and day spas, but in this case, I am delighted to report I was wrong. My visit to the WELL Spa + Salon exceeded my expectations to such an extent that I feel compelled to share my experiences with you.

On a whim, I decided to treat myself to a manicure, and fortunately, the spa was able to accommodate my last minute reservation. I spend most of my days in the hotel amid the hustle and bustle of the lobby, and I checked in for my service in the equally busy Pfister Gift Shop. A spa employee escorted me down the stair and through the glass door into the spa waiting area. I took the advice of the helpful woman who made my reservation and arrived early so I could enjoy the peaceful oasis that is the WELL lounge. As we walked through the glass doors, in an instant the atmosphere changed and suddenly, I was engulfed in tranquility. Soothing music welcomed me into the softly lit room. As I sunk into a deep, comfortable chair I was offered a complimentary beverage. Feeling decadent, I opted for sparking wine, but I could have also chosen a mimosa, coffee or tea to sip on as I savored the time before my appointment. Guests who crave something more also have the option of nibbling on fresh fruit or snack mix while paging through the latest magazines, or just quietly enjoying the moment.

Soon, I was whisked into the hair and nail salon portion of the WELL facility by Jordyn. After a brief and friendly introduction, she began working on my long neglected nails. She neither tsk-ed over my cuticles nor offered disapproving looks at my dry skin, but instead got right to work making me feel comfortable. Her kindness and welcoming manner quickly put me at ease and before I knew it, I was genuinely enjoying myself. As she expertly trimmed and filed and polished, I soon found myself wishing I had visited the spa sooner. Considering my age, I think it is fair to say I have had more than a thousand manicures, and I genuinely think this was the best manicure I have ever had the pleasure of receiving.

Far too soon my time with Jordyn, who had me so relaxed she now felt like an old friend, was over. Reluctant to leave this oasis, Jordyn suggested I spend more time in the lounge to indulge in the relaxing atmosphere a bit longer. I took her advice, helping myself to some of the fruit-infused water available to the spa goers and then melted into the sofa with my eyes closed, savoring this moment of bliss.

If you’d like to find your own moment of bliss, you can learn more about the WELL Spa + Salon here.

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