And a New Chapter Begins

Posted by on May 10, 2019

On May 15 I conclude my one year term as the Pfister Hotel’s Narrator, and a new writer will share her voice in this space. My time in the hotel has been lovely and it is a true honor to have my work woven into the fabric of this historic landmark.

I have been in love with the hotel for years. Through the decades, nothing else in Milwaukee quite matched its elegance and the name itself has been synonymous with excellence since its opening 125 years ago. As much as the interior of the hotel delighted me, it was the history of the building that drew me to it. I loved walking into the Imperial Ballroom and imagining Charles Pfister on the minstrel balcony casting his eyes over a room filled with smartly dressed diners enjoying the hotel of his late father’s dreams. It thrilled me to walk up the Grand Staircase, knowing that Princes and Presidents had climbed those same steps. I was enchanted by the building’s storied past and I longed to explore its forgotten history.

I walked into the front doors of the hotel taken with what it was, but I soon discovered myself swept in the magic of what the hotel currently is. While it was exciting to review the menus of past presidential dinners, it was equally thrilling to watch eager families visit the hotel for holiday feasts which leave modern guests in awe. The galas and balls of the past seamlessly gave away to contemporary celebrations that bring in well-dressed revelers to enjoy the timeless elegance of the landmark. History continues to be made each day in the hotel, helped along by the amazing staff who make everything they touch exceptional.

It has been a wonderful year being part of the Pfister Hotel. I met fascinating guests, worked alongside a dedicated staff, snuggled babies, petting dogs and took countless photos of thrilled visitors. My time is now done, but I’d like to think that a little bit of me lives on in the hotel and I am certain that a bit of the Pfister Hotel lives on in me, as well.

Cheers to a wonderful next chapter!

Anna Lardinois, Eleventh Pfister Narrator
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