Let’s Take a Twirl

Posted by on Apr 26, 2019

This weekend the hotel hosts what is arguably one of the most glamourous events on the Pfister calendar, and certainly the sparkliest: the Wisconsin Dancesport Championships. Annually, amateur and professional dancers from all over Wisconsin don their sequins, strap on their shoes, and showcase their well-rehearsed moves for the judges.

Fantastic gowns are de rigueur for the event, and the hotel halls are filled with women clad as elegant birds of paradise. Their curve-hugging costumes are designed to enhance their choreographed moves, with fringe and sequins adding a thrill to every shimmy and spin of the dancers. Lest you think all of the glamour is reserved for the women, the men manage to sparkle as well. The male dancers wear close-fitting, high-waisted black pants, often with a wide leg. They pair the pants with shirts that allow for individuality in the style and cut of the garment, with some male dancers opting for shirts embellished with beads, sequins, and a few boldly choose rhinestones. The overall effect is brilliant, allowing the dancers to catch every beam of light through which they twirl and twist.

Away from the competition on the dance floor, the Hall of Presidents has been turned into a Glamour Headquarters, with enough hairspray and taffeta to transform anyone into glittering butterfly. Make up artists and hair dressers busily ready dancers for their big moments, while other vendors offer dance necessities from shoes to gowns and a dazzling array of sparkling accessories certain to ensure all eyes remain on the wearer.

Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships are April 24-28. Information on spectator tickets can be found here.

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