Achievement Unlocked

Posted by on Apr 10, 2019

The Waukesha County family came bounding into the hotel lobby in the midst of an adventure. The quintet of merry-makers was on their spring break stay-cation and on the hunt for clues.  With big smiles and keen eyes, the group was searching for a very specific piece of historic memorabilia on display in the hotel’s mezzanine. As I led the family to the artifact they came to find, I discovered the family was on an Urban Adventure Quest and one of the clues they needed was located in The Pfister Hotel. Once the artifact was discovered, they received the next location where another clue could be found. The family worked together as a team, uncovering clues while discovering some of Milwaukee’s best loved locations along the way.

It was the first time 6th grader Cameron (12) and his sisters Brooke (9) a 3rd grader, and Paige (7) in 2nd grade had been to the landmark. I convinced these Merton Mustangs, and their parents, to take a stroll around the hotel with me to see why the Pfister has been loved by generations of Milwaukeeans and what made the location so special that it was included in their game.  I shared a bit of Milwaukee trivia that proved helpful to the contestants, while I showed the a few of my favorite rooms and views. During our walk, photos were taken, smiles shared, and a new special place had been found.

Soon, the family dashed out the door, eager to uncover their next clue, and with it another gem in the city’s jewel box.  May the quest to discover the best of Milwaukee, both old and new, ever continue.

Brooke, Cameron, and Paige discover Cream City
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