A Birthday Princess

Posted by on Apr 22, 2019

When it is your seventh birthday, and you feel like a princess, there is no better place to start your day than The Pfister Hotel. Birthday girl Brooklyn, big sister Sloan (8), and their mom enjoyed a celebratory breakfast in the Café to commemorate the milestone. It had already been a thrilling morning for the family; the day started off with a scavenger hunt for birthday gifts orchestrated by Sloan and the anticipation of a fun playdate with friends was in the air.

The family has been busily preparing for the first grader’s birthday for days. The girls helped their mother make Brooklyn’s birthday cake, her choice was a lavender and blackberry cake, and the sisters took the helm in preparing the cake’s batter and jam.  Sloan and her father slyly shopped for the scooter of the Brooklyn’s birthday dreams, while mom made sure the little girl was knee-deep in Hatchimals and other fun surprises to mark her big day.

Well-traveled, the girls have spent time in hotels on a number of continents, but very little time in this landmark in their hometown. As we explored the hotel, I learned these talented, multi-lingual sisters are musicians and cycling enthusiasts who love to cook. The girls were dazzled by their stop at Rosy Petri’s studio where she explained to the pair how she uses fabric swatches like paint to create her art. When Petri learned the girls enjoy making self-designed t-shirts, the artist showed the duo her own pieces of heat-fused art and invited the family to attend her first Gallery Night event.

When asked, Brooklyn told me her fondest birthday wish this year is to meet a unicorn. Unfortunately, even Pfister magic could not present a unicorn, but it did conger up a crown, balloon, and a very special slice of birthday cake just for the birthday princess- which is not a bad way to begin your seventh year!

Cheers to all of our birthday guests- may all your birthday wishes come true!

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