Schultz Presents her Tableaux Vivant

Posted by on Mar 13, 2019

It is a very busy week for Stephanie Schultz, the current Pfister Artist in Residence. On Friday, March 15, Schultz will present the final show of her residency, Tableaux Vivant. The event will culminate a year of work creating high end fashion pieces inspired by the artist’s favorite paintings in the hotel’s extensive collection of Victorian art. Ticketholders will be treated to an experience that merges art, fashion and music into what is certain to be an unforgettable evening.

Reflecting on her year as the AiR, Schultz expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to work out of a public studio, and the exposure the position provided her. It was a time of growth for the artist, which allowed her to strengthen her event planning skills, as well as hone her presentation skills. As part of her role, Schultz gave guided tours of the Pfister Art Collection, the largest hotel-owned collection of Victorian art in the world.  Conducting tours uncovered her natural talent for teaching and allowed her to share her love of art and history with other.

Beyond her residency, Schultz will return to her home studio, where she will continue to work on private commissions, as well as expand her Silversärk clothing line. The artist was excited to share that she, and her gowns, will be in Amsterdam in late spring of 2019 for a fashion shoot that will feature her work. Committed to the learning process and her evolution as an artist, Schultz plans to continue her formal education later in 2019, which will allow her to refine techniques and expand her repertoire.

Artist in Residence Finale Show: Tableaux Vivant will be a unique, must-see event unlike any other finale previously presented by an AiR. While advanced tickets for this show are currently sold out, there will be a number of walk up tickets available at the door. There will be opportunities to take home a memory of the special night: Schultz will have items from her clothing line available to purchase, as well as pieces from her popular collection Pfister-printed tie, scarves and shawls. More information on this show can be found here.

See more of Stephanie Schultz’s Silversärk collection on Instagram @silversarkofficial or on Facebook

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