Family Getaway, the Pfister Way

Posted by on Mar 19, 2019

The Lagerkvist family is in town from Green Bay to explore the city. Milwaukee was the ideal destination for the group, as Mark is expanding his company, Chiro One, into Southeastern Wisconsin. This time together is a much needed, as matriarch Ann, along with middle school students Matthew and Ava, spend most of their time in Green Bay, with patriarch, Mark, spending the work week in Chicago, returning to the land of green and gold on weekends. These brief visits are often hectic and packed with events, leaving little time for the family to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

The family’s love of historic buildings led the group to select Pfister for their Cream City getaway. In Green Bay, the clan lives in a turn of the century home that, at different times, was once a convent, and the residence of a celebrated opera singer, who was also an Olympic skeet shooter. Admirers of the architectural details which make the historic portion of the hotel so elegant, the group enjoyed exploring the 1893 portion of the building, taking special interests in the Imperial Ballroom and Rouge.

While discovering Milwaukee, the family bonded over shopping trips, time in the pool, city tours, and sampling lots of downtown dining options. Matthew, in particular, is eager for the family visit to Mason Street Grill. His favorite dessert is carrot cake, for which the restaurant is renowned. Weber’s Carrot Cake, based on the recipe of chef Mark Weber’s grandmother, was declared by his father as the best he has ever tasted, and the boy is anticipating his first forkful of the famously moist cake. The schedule was flexible enough to allow the group to pair off, with Ann and Ava enjoying mother and daughter time in WELL Spa and Mark and Matthew having their own father and son adventure.

The only thing missing from this cozy family outing was the two oldest children, both college students, who were unable to join the fun foursome.  Soon, it will be back to the rushed hustle and bustle of everyday life, but for these first few golden days of spring, this family has nothing more to do that relax and savor this time together.

The Lagerkvists relax in the Imperial Ballroom

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