A Real Peach

Posted by on Mar 8, 2019

Newly arrived from Atlanta, Catherine entered the room like a sunbeam, shining her light on everything in her path. In possession of a warm smile and irresistible, honey-dipped Southern charm, the visitor explored the hotel’s history and renowned art collection during her most recent stay in Cream City.

A classically trained fine artist, Catherine spent most of her career working in oils. Recently, a breast cancer diagnosis found her seeking a more chemically-safe medium in which to work. Initially she met her transition into painting with acrylics without enthusiasm, but she soon fell in love with her newly discovered ability to create layers and textures in her paintings. Her latest pieces are dappled with light and the varying thicknesses of the paint creates a gauzy, magical atmosphere to her natural scenes.  Now cancer-free, Catherine continues to work with acrylics, evolving her technique as she experiments with this new medium.

Still captivated by oil paintings, she longed to linger on the hotel’s 7th floor, where some of the most celebrated pieces of the Pfister art collection are displayed. Drawn in particular to The Rose, by Adolphe Piot, the artist could not resist returning to the softly sentimental portrait for another look, and then a photo so the lovely image could remain with her. She glided through the hotel with the sparkle and warmth that seemed like the harbinger of spring the Milwaukee is restlessly awaiting. Each guest and staff member seemed to smile a bit brighter as she passed them on her stroll, sensing her delight at discovering the charm of the hotel.

Aside from art, her husband and teen and tween children, one boy and one girl, are the center of her big, open heart. The busy kids displayed the same disarming smiles and effervescent charm as their mother, ensuring their Milwaukee trip to visit their paternal grandparents included kid-friendly outings like sledding, pizza dinner and dips in the bath-water warm 23rd floor pool.

Soon, the family’s Milwaukee stay will end and they will return to the green grass and the sunny skies of their Georgia home, but Cream City is certain to remain slightly warmer than when they arrived, still basking in the glow of the charming group.

An acrylic work by Catherine T. Kotchen
The happy family off to explore Milwaukee
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