Vote for Cupid

Posted by on Feb 13, 2019

Kent and Suzanne’s love story began during Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential bid. The civic-minded Chicagoans were campaign volunteers working to change their city. Little did the pair know working on the campaign would change their lives as well. Passionate about politics, the couple continued to support elections throughout their relationship, as election judges, then as precinct captains and finally as area election coordinators. Elections nights meant long days that often started at 3:00 AM and did not end until well after midnight, but the thrill of being part of this essential process of the democracy spurred them on. Now retired, the couple have the time to devote to other interests, which include travel and history.

The ease of travel to Milwaukee made celebrating Valentine’s Day city a carefree decision for the Illinoians. While in town, the pair lunched at Harbor House, delighted they were able to watch the “wings” of Calatrava’s masterpiece open and close as they enjoyed their meal. Museum enthusiasts, the pair has plan to visit both the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Grohmann Museum as part of their special day together. Eager to enjoy luxuries of the hotel, the couple will end the night with one of the best views in the city- watching the lights of Milwaukee’s skyline twinkle from the 23rd floor.

This lovely couple has four decades of happy Valentine’s Day memories. May this celebration at the Pfister be among their happiest. Cheers, Kent and Suzanne- enjoy your stay!

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