A Surprise Discovery

Posted by on Feb 15, 2019

Andrea Potos and Mike Slater drove in from Madison to enjoy a bit of Valentine’s Day romance at The Pfister Hotel.  Enamoured with the historic building, the couple were delighted to curl up on the leather sofa in front of the lobby fireplace and sip cocktails to celebrate Cupid’s favorite Day.

A Madison-based poet, Potos was intrigued by the hotel’s commitment to the written and visual arts and was curious about the program. After sharing a bit about my role as the Narrator, I discovered the three of us share a passion for history, particularly the Victorian era, so I offered to take the couple on a tour of the hotel. While the two have visited the hotel many times, they discovered a number of new things on the tour, most significantly that there is a portrait of Andera’s Uncle Patrick is displayed in the hotel.

Wisconsin’s 38th Governor, Patrick Lucey, is hanging in the alcove of the Governor’s Suite, alongside all of the other Wisconsin who have visited The Pfister Hotel. Lucey served from 1971-1977, but his connection to the hotel goes back into the 1960’s, when he was an integral part of John F. Kennedy’s campaign efforts in the state. Images of the Lucey with Kennedy are on display in the historic suite of rooms that were once the hotel’s Bridal Suite.

It was a busy day in the hotel, so our stroll only included a  quick glimpse at the Milwaukee skyline and a peek and a few of the historic ballrooms were all that could be had- which gives the pair a perfect reason to return for another outing- and another cozy cuddle in front of the fireplace!

Potos and Slater in from of Gov. Lucey’s (center) portrait
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