Viva Milwaukee!

Posted by on Jan 11, 2019

Birthday girls and Bernard

Midwesterners have made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas for decades to celebrate upcoming weddings, special birthdays and other key life events. So, where do you go when you live in Las Vegas and you are having a special birthday? Well, for some very special guests this weekend, the answer is Milwaukee!

Annette, Gloria, and Rita are first time visitors to Milwaukee and here to celebrate the birthdays of the women. They packed their warmest clothes and boarded a plane, eager to begin their Brew City adventure. Rita, the birthday organizer, contacted the intrepid concierge, Bernard, and asked for his assistance to make this birthday extra special for her dear friends. Flowers were ordered, the room was festively decorated, and all was set for a wonderful birthday surprise when the friends checked in.

Bernard, a classically trained violinist, had unexpected delight for the birthday girls.  The concierge met the women with his instrument tucked under his chin and filled the lobby with the sound of the most elegant version of “Happy Birthday” ever played as they approached the front desk.

Have your own very special event coming up? The Pfister Hotel is thrilled to work with you to ensure your special celebration is everything you wish it will be. Contact the Concierge team for help making your next visit to the hotel a magical one!

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