Our Very Good Guests

Posted by on Jan 16, 2019

The Dog, Alexander Pope, part of the Pfister Hotel art collection

Nicky and Louis turn heads when they walk into a room. The seasoned travelers have been all over the globe and have the calm demeanor of those who’ve seen, and done, it all. This is particularly noteworthy because Nicky, age 8 and Louis, age 10 are world-class miniature show poodles.

The dogs, with their family, Bill, Sylvia, and Chris, are experiencing Milwaukee for the first time. The entourage of five has spent the better part of the last 20 years abroad, with their travels taking them all over Asia and the Middle East.

Dogs have always been an essential part of matriarch Sylvia’s life. With a love of “man’s best friend” that originated in childhood, she imparted the affection for canines to her son, Chris. As a young boy, Chris was diagnosed with asthma and that is when the family were introduced to poodles. The intelligent breed’s lack of dander and limited shedding made them ideal for Chris, and their temperament makes them good travelers, something necessary for the family in near perpetual motion.

Poodles are happiest when they love in pairs. Louis, a snuggly ball of white fluff, originally joined the family as sighted companion for the now deceased, and still beloved, family poodle, Austin. When the spirited and spunky dog with failing eyesight crossed the rainbow bridge, Nicky joined the family. Like his predecessor, Nicky is also an active dog, playing the foil to the care-taking Louis.

The snuggly, impeccably behaved pair are just two of the many four-legged friends you might encounter on a stroll through the hotel. Learn more about The Pfister Hotel’s pet-friendly policies here

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