Ho-ho-holiday Visits

Posted by on Jan 6, 2019

Siblings Evie (6), Duncan (3) and Piper (5 months) made the Pfister Hotel part of their holiday adventure in downtown Milwaukee recently. The trio, accompanied by their mom, Kamy, stopped in to see the hotel trimmed for Christmas took a tour of the historic landmark.

First time visitors, the children’s eyes were large with wonder at the many new sights to behold. Big sister, Evie, was enthralled by the number and size of the sparkling chandeliers she discovered throughout the hotel. Duncan, a boy with an irresistible smile and a joy-filled effervescence, lit up the room each time he spotted a different Christmas tree in the hotel. He wasn’t sure how many he found, perhaps 10, he guesses, but each new sighting was met with the same delight as was his first encounter with the lobby’s soaring 18 foot tree.

The excitement of Santa’s recent stop was still buzzing inside the children as they happily recounted the gifts they found under the tree just days before their visit.  Evie was delighted to unwrap a number of plushies to add to her huggable collection that now includes a stuffed fox, and brightly colored coalition of cheetahs. Duncan’s eyes sparkled with glee when he talking about playing with his new Thomas the Train crane, and was thrilled his new game, Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Evie, a first grader at Milwaukee German Immersion School, spoke a bit of German with our multi-lingual concierge, Bernard. Shy at first, she was soon teaching me German phrases I was able to use that afternoon while interacting with a group from Germany.  Our tour concluded with hot chocolates in the Lobby Lounge, which Duncan immediately declared “so yummy I can’t stand it!” The smiling children eagerly devoured the decadent mound of whipped cream atop their rich drinks, then wrapped their tiny hands around the enormous mugs, tentatively sipping the now-cooled cocoa once all of the cream had been eaten.

The siblings had a wonderful introduction to the hotel. The children’s only regret? They did not bring their swimming suits! Perhaps a midwinter stay-cation is in this family’s future. If it is, I predict a whole bunch of delighted splashing on the 23rd floor.

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