When Harry Met Sierra

Posted by on Dec 26, 2018

Sara and Andrew Seltzer celebrated their nuptials at The Pfister Hotel on June 21, 2014. Since that day, the hotel has held a special place in their hearts, and their lives. The couple enjoyed popping into the hotel to celebrate their wedded bliss with a drink in Blu or over a decadent meal at Mason Street Grill.  The trips were a happy reminder of their special day, and a wonderful nod to life they are creating together.

Over the last year, it has gotten a bit more difficult to spend time at the hotel for the busy pair. On December 2, 2017, little Sierra joined the Seltzer family and quickly romantic nights at the landmark hotel gave way to midnight feedings, diaper changes and all that the happy-busy business of raising a child entails.

To cap this whirlwind year of “firsts” for the new family, Sierra made her first visit to the hotel that holds so many dear memories for her parents. The smiley little girl was adorned in sparkly Christmas finery that made her twinkle and glow like an ornament on the tree.  With her eyes full of wonder, the tot, affectionately called Sisi by her parents, scanned the room, uncertain of what to look at first. Finally, her eyes landed on Harry, giving the bronze a friendly pat. A stalwart protector of the hotel since 1893, Harry made the ideal stand for the family’s first photo together at The Pfister.

Happy Holidays, Andrew, Sara and Sierra! We all look forward to the many future “firsts” your family will spend with us.

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