Light 12 Candles

Posted by on Dec 19, 2018

What did you want for your 12th birthday?

For Oliver of Green Bay, Wisconsin, his 12th birthday wish was to spend the weekend at The Pfister Hotel.  A previous visitor of the landmark hotel, Oliver leapt at his parents’ offer to celebrate his special day in Milwaukee. Delighted by the history of the hotel, and its one-of-a-kind swimming pool located on the 23rd floor, the boy was thrilled by the prospects offered for the weekend.

The birthday boy captured the attention, and the hearts, of the Bell & Valet team when they discovered him serving as an unofficial elevator operator in a car in the Tower elevators. Oliver greeted each person who boarded his elevator to a broad, friendly smile, and the request, “What floor, please?” His polished routine would have charmed former owner, and fellow elevator operator, Ray Smith. Wishing each of his riders a “Merry Christmas” as they exited, the boy spread smiles to each floor he visited. When asked what motived him spend a portion of his birthday weekend helping hotel guests, he grinned and simply stated, “I like making people happy.” Judging from the smiles of his riders, he was certainly accomplishing his goal.

The steak-loving pre-teen has aspirations to play professional football one day. During his time in the city, he was looking forward to seeing the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s production of the holiday classic Christmas Carol, and enjoying Downtown’s holiday light displays.

We hope you had a very-merry stay at your favorite hotel, Oliver! Happy Birthday from your friends at The Pfister Hotel.

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