Letters to Santa

Posted by on Dec 5, 2018


Soon, The Pfister Hotel will host the season’s most VIP guest! Santa Claus will be brunching with merry-makers young and old each Saturday and Sunday from December 8 to December 23. The morning includes a delicious meal, an opportunity to meet the big man,  time to send a letter bound for the North Pole, “reindeer games,” and more.

Occasionally, Santa receives letters without a return address. This year, I have the unique opportunity to relay a few messages from Santa to his admirers. Below are a three notes that were slipped into Santa’s Mailbox, and the responses from the jolly old elf himself!

Happy Holidays, Friend,

I am so happy to hear you and your sister are working hard to get along. Your Elf on the Shelf is having fun in your house and loves it when you and your sister are sharing and being kind with each other.  My elves are up late each night building toys for children all over the world and we will do our best to select a gift from the North Pole that you will like.

Be sure to hug your sister today,


Merry Christmas, Friend,

Mrs. Claus asked me to say hello. She hopes you are staying warm and always wearing your hat when you are playing outside.

We know you love kitties; have you asked your parents if your family is ready to have a kitten live with you? My elves are busy sewing snuggly stuffed animals today, each completed with an elf kiss, which makes them extra-cuddly. Would you like to see one of those special toys under the tree for you?

Sending a hug to you,


Hi Lilah,

I hope you have an amazing Christmas, too! One of my favorite things in the world is to deliver toys and smiles to children all over the globe.

Thank you for the wish list. I will share it with my elves and we will try our best to get you something special to open on Christmas.

Stay on the Good List,




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