A Look Back: Memorable Guests of 2018

Posted by on Dec 27, 2018

It is that time of year when the world is inundated with countdown lists. We eagerly scan the articles cataloging the top news stories or best dressed celebrities and recall the whirlwind that was the past year. In the spirit of those compilations, here is my collection of my most memorable guests of 2018.

The Ladies of Mount Hope Lutheran Church

This group of lovely ladies was celebrating their 50th year as an active book group with of lunch and tour of the iconic hotel. They were the very first tour of the hotel I led as the Narrator. Their kindness and friendly demeanor eased my beginner’s nerves, and before long it felt as if we were all old friends. With decades of stories to share, they were a charming group of women and I hated to see them leave at the end of our time together.

Jano and Marilyn

I doubt I have ever heard a story more powerful than the one these women shared. The grace of these mothers left me in awe, and I am still deeply honored I had the opportunity to hear their story.  They left a permanent mark on my heart, and I imagine they’ll do the same to yours.

Hadley the Heart Thief

The little baby with a big smile, and even bigger personality, was on her first family vacation when I met her in June. I can’t quite explain it, but this doll had me under her spell from the moment that I saw her, and my fondness only grew as we spent time together.  Years from now, when I look back on this special year in my life, I am certain one of my first, and best, memories will be of the afternoon I spent with this tiny firecracker.

The Oo-La-La Squad

As a somewhat shy person, one of the hardest parts of being the Narrator, for me,  is approaching people to see if they’d like to talk with me for a story. Some days guests eagerly approach me with stories and a longing to become of permanent part of the historic hotel, but other days it is up to me to find people who would like to spend time trading tales. When I spotted this trio of women, I dug down to pull up some courage and approached them- I was too fascinated by them to let the opportunity slip past me.

The women, who work in the high-end ladies undergarments industry, were at a table covered with all manner of silky, lacy, luxurious unmentionable. Together, they were reviewing the collection for the upcoming season. Their passion for their customers, and their commitment to empowering women stayed with me long after my time with them ended.

The Anderson Family

As the Narrator, I spend most of my time as an observer; I watch people and record their stories, or I dip into history and retell the stories of the past. For this piece, I was part of the action, and I remain forever humbled by the honor of being a small part of this family’s very special day.

Joni Clare

I had the good fortune of having a private concert performed by this very talent musician. We stole away to a closed Blu to give Clare an opportunity to once again play the lounge’s beautiful grand piano. Sparkling sunbeams filled the room and I was swathed in a cloak of gorgeous music. The moment moved me to tears, as I let myself get swept in the magic.

The Bumpus Family

Summer is a non-stop party in Milwaukee and one of the biggest parties of all is Harley Week. Riders and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world roar and rumble into Milwaukee to celebrate the legendary bikes. The only thing this Tennessee family loves more than bikes is each other, and it was a rollicking good time meeting them.

Simone and Rinn

These two little ladies spent part of their school vacation day exploring the landmark hotel. We popped into the lounge and the intrepid Valerie concocted hot chocolates for our special guests that were so stunning even tweens were impressed!


Former employee, and full time Pfister enthusiast Lillian enjoyed a surprise 90th birthday party at her favorite hotel. I was fully enchanted by this funny, lively woman and spent hours laughing with her and her delightful family. One of my few regrets of the year is that I did not take her up on her invitation to come to her house for a swim. I have a feeling it would have been an outing to remember.

The Oplingers

Rowdy, raucous and oh, so endearing, these five siblings and their entourage filled me with delight. Convinced the hotel may be a castle, the brood was disappointed to discover I do not live at The Pfister. The French speaking group challenged my peu de connaissance du français, so I was aided by our polyglot concierge, Bernard Runo. Together, we gave the family a good time, and I remain enchanted by them to this day.

2018 has been a magical year of new experiences for me as the Pfister Narrator. I am looking forward to the new adventures 2019 will bring. If you have a Pfister story you’d like to share, please email me at hotelnarrator@gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers to a fantastic 2019!

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