They Are “Glad to be Plaid”

Posted by on Nov 5, 2018

On Sunday, November 4, students from Divine Savior Holy Angels gathered with their mothers at The Pfister Hotel for their annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon. The private, college-preparatory high school has been educating young women in the Catholic tradition since 1892.  The students, and the women who love them, gathered in the Imperial Ballroom for a morning Mass, and then were off to the Grand Ballroom for brunch and merriment with their classmates and families.

The girls, known as “Dashers,” are typically clad in their grey plaid uniform skirts and polo shirts , but today they had the opportunity to showcase their personal styles at this special event. The 7th floor of the hotel was awash in the brightly colored dresses of the students, their smiles shining as they strode through the halls in their dress shoes and festive attire. Proud mothers and their radiant daughters lined up between the events to have photographers capture this memorable day of the school year.

Ellen, Tracey and Erin Fricker

Among the hundreds of students in attendance at this annual event were sisters Erin and Ellen Fricker. Erin, a freshman (Class of 2022), is enjoying her first year of high school. A longtime ballet student, Erin is delighted to showcase her skills as a member of the dance ensemble in the school’s current production of Les Misérables.  The young science enthusiast is considering a career in the medical field, hoping to focus her efforts on the service of children, perhaps as a pediatrician. Older sister Ellen, a junior (Class of 2020) is a dancer as well, and is also sharing her talents in Fall Musical. Additionally, she participates in the school’s show choir, Angelaires. This performer with a passion for STEM studies is preparing for a future in Engineering, with a focus on the aerospace field. The young scholars relish the academic and student life at their school, and both mentioned they especially enjoy the Bible Class taught by student favorite, Mrs. Lennon.

The sisters, who participated in the Mass as Altar Servers, were joined by their mother, Tracey Fricker, who participated as a Lector.  An alumna of the now closed St. Mary’s Academy, Fricker is a supporter of the all-girls educational environment. In reflecting upon her days as a student at a girls’ school, she cherishes the memories of the support and encouragement that is woven into the fabric of the unique educational experience.  Crediting the experience for the development of her voice and leadership skills, she is glad her daughters will experience the same opportunity to develop their strengths in an empowering, God-centered environment.

Cecilia, Margot Dunn, and Mary Garcia-Velez

Student athlete Cecilia Garcia-Valez attended the event with her mother Mary, and her grandmother, Margot Dunn. The junior (Class of 2020) is a Cross Country runner, and is looking forward to a career working with children as either a teacher or speech pathologist. Her mother, Mary, a DSHA alumna, is delighted that her daughter has the opportunity to grow as a person in an environment that offers so many opportunities for her to develop her talents. Cecilia agrees, sharing that her favorite part about being a Dasher is the school’s welcoming community and the supportive environment created by students and staff.

The students and their guests merrily chatted through brunch, laughter rising over the din created by diners. Current students caught each other up on weekend news, while their mothers, many who are former classmates, greeted each other with hugs as they shared memories of when they were the students at this event, eagerly waiting for the steps in their lives beyond high school. Together, the women sat, both young and old, some looking forward, and others looking back, each happy to be in each other’s company and anticipating their next chapters.



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