Nothing Shines Like Ruby

Posted by on Nov 30, 2018

Nine month old Ruby Eleanor has been enchanting the world with her infectious smile and sparklingly eyes since February.  Today, this tiny and adorable guest made her first visit to The Pfister Hotel.  Ruby’s mom, Jenna Kashou, is a local writer with a special relationship with the hotel, she was the 5th Pfister Narrator, who served in 2012. Kashou has a deep affection for the historic landmark and wanted her introduce her daughter to the hotel while it was trimmed in its holiday finery.

Ruby had the attention, and affection, of everyone in Café at the Pfister with her first smile. She giggled and cooed her way through breakfast, even sneaking a bite of pancake off a plate and enjoying her very first taste of maple syrup. She was thrilled with the new flavor and eagerly scanned the table, looking to discover what new pleasure awaited her. Normally delighted with bananas and cereal, the baby embraced the new tastes that presented themselves in this special first meal at the hotel.

She explored the lobby with curiosity, her large brown eyes gazing at the 18 ft. Christmas tree with wonder. She eyed the Italian marble of the Grand Staircase with interest, but is still too small to scale them, despite her efforts. As the busy moppet watched the flames dance from the fireside sofa, she tried in vain to stand on the slippery leather sofa. Eager to experience all the hotel had to offer, the little girl was awash in new sights and sensations and she was captivated.

Too quickly, Ruby’s first visit to the Pfister was over, but it is just the first of many. This Whitefish Bay resident is eagerly anticipating her first Christmas and is excited to introduce her older brother, Cash, to Santa at an upcoming Breakfast with Santa brunch.

This season, be like Ruby- discover the magic of the holidays in the hotel, taste something new, take some time to enjoy being present in this special place.  We hope to welcome you soon!

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