Everything Grows (And Blooms)

Posted by on Nov 28, 2018

Most people don’t see much when they look at a pile of dirt, but Shea Zastrow sees endless opportunity in each shovelful. He sees the possibility to connect people to each other, as well as to the earth, and for him, there are few things quite as beautiful as those connections.

Zastrow is the owner of Everything Grows, a company with a mission that includes getting people to grow and consume their own organically grown foods. The entrepreneur has a warm smile and friendly disposition that instantly draws people in, an essential asset when trying to get farmers’ market customers to seriously consider dirt, something that gets very little attention in the lives of city dwellers. He hopes, after teaching people a bit more about dirt, they will be inspired to plant some seeds and begin tending their own gardens, with the aid of his specially mixed soil. In truth, the “dirt” the company produces is actually potting soil with natural compost and microbes cultivated to ensure plants thrive. It took years of trial and error to master the organic composting processes that make his soil additive so unique and effective.

Talking about his company, it is clear this entrepreneur loves his work- and feels its reach moves far beyond garden. Teaching people about the importance of growing their own food, and the benefits of organic produce on the body is a passion for Zastrow. The pleasure he takes in working with young learners is evident in his manner as he recounts kids experiencing his potting soil for the first time.  As he animatedly described the budding gardeners handling earthworms and sifting through the soil with their bare hands, his enthusiasm for the experience was palpable. These moments with children inspired him to create workshops to introduce young learners to gardening, which he someday hopes will be implemented into area schools that serve urban students who may have had limited exposure to growing produce.

There is more growing and blooming for this business owner than the seeds his clients plant in the ground. He is trying to plant seeds of his own, seeds of change that will improves the health, and the lives, of his clients. Shea Zastrow plans to connect the world by reconnecting people to the earth- and he plans to do that one smile, and one pile of soil, at a time.

More on Everything Grows can be found here.

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