The Respite

Posted by on Oct 8, 2018

Christine sat, sunk deeply into the leather club chair in the hotel lobby. An aura of calm radiated from her as the soft rays of autumn sunlight danced about the room. On a typical day, this busy Middleton mom would be in the midst of a hectic day at the office, while simultaneously juggling the kids carpool schedules and the family’s dinner plans. But today was not a typical day; today Christine is at The Pfister.

In Milwaukee for an evening event, Christine chose to spend the day at the hotel. Eager to enjoy the gracious ease of this downtown gem, she cast away her daily routines. Today is a respite from the obligations of the world, and she will make the most of it.  She enjoyed a relaxing manicure in the WELL Spa, and then a lovely lunch in the Lobby Lounge. Today was her day and she chose to spend it in a place staffed by those intent on ensuring the day was a pleasant and comfortable one.

There are a swirl of obligations on her horizon; tomorrow, the kids have the day off of school, her elderly mother needs a ride to an appointment, and she has a full work day ahead of her. But for now, the gentle sounds of strings float through the lobby as she finishes her lunch, and a thick stack of magazines await her perusal. In this moment, her time is her own to do as she pleases.

While enjoying the last bite of the freshly baked bread that accompanied her lunch, her phone rings. It is her husband calling, saying he will meet her later than anticipated. She ends her call and immediately wonders if there is time for another trip to the spa. At The Pfister Hotel, there is always time for a little more of something special.

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