The Bar Harbor-Bound Trio

Posted by on Oct 17, 2018

A landscape architect, an accountant and a shy puppy walk into a hotel. This is not the start of a pun-filled joke, but rather the start of a new chapter for the soon to be family of Tony, Annie and Spencer from Minnesota. The trio are on their way Maine to elope, with Spencer serving as the sole attendant for both bride and groom. They have chosen October 18, 2018, which is exactly one year, one month and one day since they first met, as the date for the union.

When Annie and Tony met over Sunday brunch a year ago, they sensed a future in the pairing. As they got to know each other over croissants and mimosas, Annie revealed to Tony that she was not a dog person. She tells this story while cuddling the doe-eyed Spencer close to her chest. Tony wasn’t worried, knowing Annie would love the sweet moppet once they met. He was right; the woman who never wanted a dog welcomed the pup into her heart and soon the trio became inseparable. The memory of that first meeting is an important one that the newlyweds want to share with their family and friends. To commemorate that special day, they will host a very special Sunday brunch upon their return to Minnesota to celebrate the union with those dear to them.

The relationship progressed and the pair knew their futures would be together. Tony, a romantic, has an undeniable flair for beautiful settings, unexpectedly proposing to Annie in Washington State, in the largest field of tulips in the country, and will wed his lovely bride is a field of wild blueberries, their leaves brilliant red and glowing warming in the autumn sunshine. The couple love to travel, and having milestone events in their lives occur on opposite coasts celebrates their zeal for exploring the world and seeking new experiences. The couple are making their way to the East Coast in their car to ensure Spencer, their crate-adverse companion, is able to enjoy the journey. Moving on from Milwaukee, their dog-friendly journey will take them through Ontario, New York, Vermont and Indiana.

Congratulations, Tony, Annie and Spencer! We wish you safe travels and raise a glass to a lifetime of happiness for your new family. The Pfister Hotel, your four-legged-friend-inclusive home away from home in Milwaukee is eager to welcome you back the next time you are in town. Cheers!


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