A Royal Visit

Posted by on Oct 24, 2018

Princess Aubree lit up the lobby like a sparkler as she soared off the elevator. The aura of little girl magic surrounded her as she moved through the room, sharing her broad smile with everyone she passed. Unfailingly, the smile was returned; her sweet- sunniness could not be ignored. Certain the hotel was truly the home of the cursed prince from Beauty and the Beast, she kept a keen watch on the room, hoping to catch of glimpse of either Belle or the Beast on her stroll. Finally, she arrived at her destination, the pair bronze lions flanking both sides of the Grand Staircase.

Tiny hands reached out to pet the paw of the muscular lion who has stoically been standing guard at the hotel since its opening. The young princess was disappointed to discover the lions’ names were Dick and Harry and became even more disappointed when she learned the lions were male. The four year old listened, but was not persuaded upon learning that only male lions have the full manes shown on the sculptures. Continuing to stroke its smooth bronze, she whispered into the lion’s ear, the indomitable statue responding in a language only the wee princess could hear. Soon, she announced that the lions would prefer the names Olivia and Jessie. And with nothing more than her heart-melting smile, the decree was issued.

Dick and Harry are no more, at least during the reign of Princess Aubree. Long live Olivia and Jessie!

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