A Few Golden Eagles Land

Posted by on Oct 15, 2018

It’s not just overnight guests, pleasure seekers, and revelers who walk through the doors of The Pfister Hotel. The hotel hosts business conferences, conventions, and meetings on a daily basis, ensuring the hotel is as essential to the Milwaukee business community as it is to the Milwaukee social scene. A place so enmeshed in the fabric of the city is also an ideal location to learn.  Marquette University instructors Lynne Shumow and Dr. Deirdre Dempsey recently brought in a group of Honor students from the university to learn a bit more about the hotel and the unique way it supports the local art community.

The students arrived from campus, eager to explore the hotel, which many were visiting for the first time. As they discovered the unique details which make the hotel a beloved part of their newly adopted city, they longed to extend their time in the building which has welcomed guests for 125 years. Their dorm rooms compared poorly to the splendor of the hotel and plans were budding to get visiting parents to stay at the landmark during their next visit to Milwaukee.

After touring the hotel and learning how storytelling preserves hotel history and tradition, the students eagerly gathered in the studio of the Artisit in Residence to see her creations and get an understanding of how she uses her art to share the history and culture of the hotel.

At the close of their time at The Pfister, the group, which surely contains individuals who, in the future, will dance at weddings of their classmates in the ballrooms, or who will attend a business conference in a meeting room, or take an out of town guest up to Blu to dazzle them with the impressive views from the 23 floor, have started their collection of Pfister Hotel memories today. We are eager to welcome them again and again as they travel towards the next chapter in their lives.

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