The Oasis Awaits

Posted by on Sep 21, 2018

WELL Spa + Salon beckons to those seeking a respite. The lower level of the hotel is a luxurious oasis ready to soothe the travel-weary or put the sparkle on anyone celebrating a special day. The spa is such a comfortable retreat that locals flock to WELL Spa for the impeccable service and lavish extras that make them a sought-after destination in a city filled with spa options.

I met regular spa attendee, Melinda, while she relaxed in the Lobby Lounge, waiting for her nails to dry. This busy local was taking a break from her hectic schedule to squeeze in a bit of self-care, in the form of a manicure and pedicure. Her toenails sparkled a brilliant red and her buffed fingernails gleamed, as she spoke about her choice to come to the hotel for spa treatments.

For over 10 years, WELL Spa has been her choice for her nail care needs. She loves it for the feeling of luxury that envelops her as she descends the staircase into the peaceful world of the spa.  The private and quiet treatment areas provide the perfect atmosphere for her to thoroughly enjoy one of her favorite parts of the spa experience- the plush pedicure chairs. For Melinda, these services are more than a beauty treatment, they are a time for her to pamper herself in a place that offers a refuge from busy demands of the modern world.

Sipping a Blood Orange Margarita while perched on stool in the Lobby Lounge, she occasionally gave her feet, still in spa sandals, a leisurely wave through the air, to encourage the toenail polish to dry. She looked the picture of ease as she listened to the gentle piano music drift through the softly lit Lounge. All too soon, her nails were dry and her glass was empty. It was time to rejoin the hustle and bustle that lies just beyond the lobby doors- until next month when she takes the time to do this all again.


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