Schultz Presents Designs at Renaissance Dinner

Posted by on Sep 6, 2018

Stephanie Schultz has been dazzling Pfister guests with her designs since being named the Artist in Residence in March. Her work, inspired by the hotel’s extensive collection of Victorian paintings, aims to recreate the clothing depicted in the celebrated artwork, effectively brining the canvases “to life.” Her art, and her story, will be featured at the upcoming Renaissance Dinner, hosted at the Pfister Hotel.

Captivated by fashion, and the power of design to influence the emotions of the wearer, since childhood, Schultz creates sophisticated designs meant to transport the viewer to previous historical eras. She has also created a budget-friendly way for Pfister lovers to wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally. The designer has incorporated some of the hotel’s best known architectural elements into wearable pieces for both men and women. She will showcase both her haute couture pieces and her hotel inspired designs at the event created to gather top leaders from diverse backgrounds.

The Artist in Residence is included on a list of presenters that range from business leaders to musicians and all disciplines in between. The carefully chosen line up will delight attendees and inspire conversation. More information on the Renaissance Dinner, including information on attending the event, can be found here.

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