A Toast to the Happy Couple

Posted by on Sep 19, 2018

Corey and Megan

It has been a few weeks since we caught up with the Megan and Lisa Wolf, the Pfister Brides. The pair have been busy; they are both educators and are working hard to ensure their students have a great start to the school year. Planning for the big event is well underway and there is little left to do other than to leave the details for the special day in the capable hands of the experienced Events Team.

Mother and daughter have made a number of different choices for their wedding days, but each bride is the picture of the modern, stylish bride in her era. Megan opts for the contemporary sophistication sleek black and metal tones for her décor, while Lisa embraced the romantic pastels and full feminine looks that were the benchmarks of a lovely wedding of the 1980s. While the women discussed their wedding receptions, the love and affection between the pair was abundantly evident.  A good deal of fun was had while paging through Lisa’s photo album and giggling over the now comically oversized eye glasses and proliferation of perms, yet the teasing never obscured the admiration Megan has for her mother.

Lisa married Richard Wolf 33 years ago, and together they had three children, Megan, Chelsea and Tommy. As Lisa and her new groom, Richard, danced the night away in the Imperial Ballroom, they likely never considered that one day they would be helping their own daughter plan her big day in the same room. The couple raised their family within the church, and with a strong desire to be “good and faithful servants of the Lord.” Both daughters followed their mother into careers in education and the sisters remain fast friends. The Wolf Family, a family filled with love, friendship, and fellowship is something Megan and her fiancée, Corey, hope to create for themselves.

The Wolf Family

As the young couple looks ahead to a happy future, Lisa offered a few thoughts on creating a strong, lasting marriage. She cautioned that marriage, like all worthwhile things, isn’t easy, and some days will be bad days, but the warning ending with a smile and genuine laugh which illustrated how useful having a good sense of humor is to overcoming the obstacles of everyday life. Her advice to the soon-to-be-newlyweds is for each of them to put in “110% effort” every day of their marriage. She recommends that the pair always make time for each other to bond as a couple, suggesting regular “date nights” should be a part of their regular schedule, particularly after children join the union. Megan listened intently to her mother’s sage advice, noting she has observed her parents doing the very things Lisa was advocating to her daughter.

Lisa has given Megan a lifetime of love and both parents have built a family life worthy of emulation. As Corey and Megan embark on their own lifetime adventure, we toast to the happy couple. And, wistfully wonder if Megan’s own daughter may someday tell her story of being a third generation Pfister bride.

Congratulations, Corey and Megan!

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