A Lifetime of Memories Begin

Posted by on Sep 11, 2018

The smallest visitors often make the biggest impression, on guests and staff alike. They express joy without restraint, and encourage all of us to revel in our surroundings. Watching a little face light up when entering the majestic lobby allows the observer to re-experience some of that initial awe felt upon first viewing the magnificent Pfister Hotel.

A blonde tot toddled through the lobby, exploring his new surroundings. It was Andrew’s first visit to the hotel, courtesy of his grandparents. The retired teachers reminisced about the times they brought their daughter, Andrew’s mother, to the hotel when she was a young girl, as they watched the youngster greet the lobby’s stalwart bronze lions, Dick and Harry. The little boy climbed the Italian marble steps with pride, his tiny hands and knees following the same path guests have taken for the last 125 years. Reaching his goal, the landing of the Grand  Staircase, the curious bundle of smiles enjoyed a respite in one of the leather wing chairs, which offered comfort to countless visitors. As his wide eyes took in the scene in front of him, it was clear he was captivated by all there was left to explore.

His grandparents beamed while watching the cherub navigate a space that holds so many memories for the family. Seeing Andrew’s delight while exploring the lobby, the proud pair began making plans to return for the holidays, to view the hotel when trimmed in her holiday finery, and, hopefully, have breakfast with the man of the season, Santa Claus himself!

Whatever Lola wants…

As the smiley tyke exited the lobby, in entered the impish Lola. She climbed the gleaming lobby stairs with ease, thanks to her slightly older and longer legs. She scaled the flight with the confidence of a frequent visitor. She knew her way around the hotel, or at least she as familiar with what she believes to be the best part of the hotel, the room that held the cookies. I watched her as she circled the second floor, seeking the treats her heart desired. Her expedition of the floor was fruitless, but she was undaunted. She knew the hotel had cookies, and she was certain she would find them.

She enchanted me with her smile and her adorable insistence that I give her a cookie. I was powerless against her little girl charms, and before I knew it, we were in front of the glass counter in the Café at the Pfister gazing at all the goodies on display. Finally where she wanted to be, Little Lola selected a cookie nearly as large as her head, and began the epic challenge of consuming the mammoth treat.

Whether it’s the first time at the hotel, or the fortieth, each young visitor is writing a new chapter in their Pfister experience, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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