Move Over, Eloise. It’s Ashley at The Pfister

Posted by on Aug 22, 2018

A character created by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight

I think I may have met The Pfister’s biggest fan. And I have met some people wildly enthusiastic about the hotel, myself very included, so this is not an observation I make lightly. Meet Ashley: an East Coast attorney whose love affair with the landmark began in 2003 when an extended work assignment found her taking up residence in the hotel for nearly a year. Ever since the hotel became her home away from home, she won’t stay anywhere but The Pfister when she travels to Milwaukee. From the expansive views from the hotel’s 23rd floor to outstanding housekeeping service, Ashley loves it all.

In town for just a night, she was eager to introduce her colleague, Julia, a first time visitor, to the hotel and our city. You’d never guess this Atlantic Seaboard resident wasn’t a Cream City native; she was bursting with Milwaukee knowledge that extended far beyond cheese curds and breweries.  Aware of our city’s extensive support of the arts and love of our waterways, Ashley rattled off a list of attractions that would put many visitors’ guides to shame.

As we strolled the halls, I shared the history of the hotel while Ashley shared the memories of her unforgettable time when the elegant building was her home. She recalled the milestone moment when, while pajama-clad on the marble steps of the Grand Staircase, she discovered she passed the New York State Bar. Fondly remembered were the Pfister staff whose kindness and hospitality made the hotel a warm and welcoming place to be when she wasn’t able to be in her own home.  As I listened to her stories, filled with fluffy robes, crisp sheets and room service, I covetously imagined myself into the unmatched luxury she was submersed in during that year.

Our time together was brief, but we did have the opportunity to share some of the memorable, and memorably addictive, snack mix in the Lobby Lounge and discussed the ways Milwaukee has changed since her first visit almost 15 years ago. She observed with the pride of a local the increased foot traffic downtown and the ever growing list of great restaurants and entertainment options now available. We plotted Julia’s return to Milwaukee, with hopes that her next visit would include time to explore the city Ashley has come to know so well.

Thank you for the visit to The Pfister Hotel, Ashley. We cannot wait until you return to your home away from home, yet again.

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