Martinez Creates Final Course of Renaissance Dinner

Posted by on Aug 23, 2018

Travis Martinez has been thrilling dessert lovers since he became the Executive Pastry Chef at the Pfister Hotel in 2017. He is on a mission to change people’s perceptions of desserts and is doing this one delicious bite at a time.

The talented Martinez was tapped to create a unique dessert offering for the first Milwaukee Renaissance Dinner. The dinners, which have been hosted from Atlanta to Los Angeles and notable cities in between, are gatherings of dynamic individuals with the goal of diversifying top leadership across the country.  Chef Martinez will present a final course that is inspired by traditional Mexican flavors, while using techniques that are part of the French pastry-making tradition. The elegant offering, a trio of bite-sized morsels, is designed to expand palates by incorporating both sweet and savory flavors into the dish.

The chef is determined to expand the diners’ vision of what a dessert “should” be. By incorporating new flavors, including savory offerings and seasonings unfamiliar to the American palate, Martinez hopes to encourage people to embrace new experiences. He believes by creating opportunities for diners to try these unique culinary offerings, he is providing a pathway to open minds and welcome an expanded awareness of the world.

Food is the great connector. A shared meal bridges gaps between people, opening conversations, and allowing diners to share memories and traditions connected to this essential part of life.  For an event designed to connect people and expand perspectives, the course created by Chef Martinez is certain to delight the room.

For more information on the Renaissance Dinner, including information on attending the event, please contact Pablo Schneider at

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