Another Toast to the Happy Couple

Posted by on Aug 20, 2018

The fountains of family and faith run deep for David and Therese Hatch. The pair met while students at Concordia College in 1974 and wed in 1978. They celebrated their wedding at the Pfister Hotel and, 40 years later, are re-gathering their original wedding party and guests to commemorate the event that launched the start of their lives together.

A love of family has always been at the heart of this couple’s journey. The Hatches were wed in the Luther Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church, a church founded by the bride’s grandfather, in a service officiated by the bride’s father, and her Uncle Carl. The reception was planned by Therese’s parents, who will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary this year.  Set in the Café Rouge, the couple served a dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu and danced with their guests until the clock struck midnight. Fun was had by all, even for the photographer, who continued to capture the event long after his shift ended because he was enjoying himself too much to leave. The night was such a success that the bride’s sister, brother, and two cousins later hosted their own receptions in the hotel, forming quite a family legacy at the Pfister. Then, as now, the hotel knows how to throw a party!

This November, the couple will again gather those dearest to them in the Café Rouge. Tastes have changed, so the Chicken Kiev will be replaced by an elegant salmon dish and the guitar-heavy rock of the late 70’s has been exchanged in favor of the smooth jazz stylings of the Jonathon Wade Jazz Trio, one of Mason Street Grill’s exceptional house bands. While these details are different, the most notable changes will be to the guest list. Included in this celebration are the pair’s two sons with their wives, and their three adorable grandchildren. When asked what inspired the couple to recreate their wedding to celebrate their 40th year together, the lovely bride-to-be-again stated that “life is to be celebrated,” and she wanted this time to join with those the couple love to offer their union as a model of “marriage, family and faith.” David agreed, and noted that tomorrow is promised to no one, so the best time to share themselves with those dear to them is now.

I cannot wait to peek in on the celebration in Café Rouge this November and witness the legacy of two college kids who went ice skating at Mayfair Mall together one December day in 1974. I have a feeling it is going to be a great party!

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