Gallery Night Preview: Artery Ink Loves Your Guts

Posted by on Jul 19, 2018

Artists all over Milwaukee are putting the final touches on their latest pieces in preparation for the night when Brew City lauds its vibrant art community. At no place in the city is the anticipation for the night more keenly felt than here at the Pfister Hotel.

Mara Natkin, one half of the dynamic creative team known as Artery Ink, stopped into the hotel today to check out The Rouge, the location of the Gallery Night Makers Market. Soon, the inviting room right off the lobby will be filled with local artists personally selected by current Artist in Residence, Stephanie Schultz for her first market at the hotel.

Natkin and her partner, Gloria Ramirez, are nationally known for their collection of anatomical art.  Their pieces celebrate portions of the body rarely seen, but essential, including their well-received, detailed drawings of the heart and lungs. The pair are responsible for a line of art prints, coloring books, greeting cards, apparel and other pieces designed to bring attention, and affection, to what lies beneath the skin.

The team, partners in every aspect of their lives, began their artistic exploration of the internal workings of the body during a time in both of their lives when their health was failing. As they embraced a holistic approach to healthcare, they began to learn more about how the organs function. With an increased knowledge of the body came an appreciation for the form and function of the organs.

What started as quest to improve their own health soon became a mission to use their art to encourage and inspire others to explore their bodies. Combining their passions for art and wellness, the talented partners began creating artwork that celebrates the body and, they hope, influences the viewer to care for and love their own bodies. The pair are devoted to educating those drawn to their art. Each piece of art the creative team creates is accompanied by well-researched anatomical information fact-checked by a medical doctor.

See the work of Artery Ink and many other local artists at the Gallery Night Makers Market, Friday, June 20, 5:00 -9:00 PM.

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